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Content Strike, Mar 21st

While the content on this journal tends to be cyclic and sporadic (reflecting my/our cyclical nature of being), tomorrow's lack of content will be utterly deliberate- a content strike.

This thread... well, I think anything I might have to say has probably already been said, and better, in the comments that other LJers have left regarding a move on the part of the new owners of LJ, one that was neither announced nor well-explained, to remove the ability to make new basic (free & ad-free) accounts.

If they'd 1. actually announced it, and 2. simply said it was a revenue-based business decision, I might not be so irritated pissed off. That they compounded this lack of announcement with a follow-up that all-too-readily implies they think their content providers are mentally deficient simply adds to my distaste.

While I rather hope that the new owners will actually improve their relations with the community, I'm not holding my breath. The idea of jumping ship currently holds appeal. We'll see.
Tags: idiocracy
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