Storm& (apokryfae) wrote,

update on the Tegretol

Well, I can't recall if drowsiness was noted, because looking it up reminded me of sommit the psychiatrist said about calling him if I noticed a rash. I hadn't even thought about it for a couple of days, with my allergies; yes, I've had a rash for 3... no, 4 days now (usually 2 days of benadryl is enough to clear my normal allergies up). I called his office yesterday, and he wasn't in, so now I'm waiting to hear back. Time to try a different med. *grumble*

Part of my brain longs for a day of commonplace, affordable genetic profiling, where you just go in once a week/month/whatever for a shot to clear up your major issues & be done with it. The paranoid part of my brain, however, is now stalking that first part with duct tape & some rope.

And then, to make my day compleat, there was the visit to the dentist. I think I could buy a used car for the amount he wants to charge. If you include the optional crown work on the second estimate he gave me, I know I could buy a used car (a pretty good one, too).
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