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more meme-sheepage

Based off my LJ:
Haiku2 for apokryfae
principio deo ha
create le programmator
e ille ha viste
Created by Grahame

Based off my DJ:
Haiku2 for chimaeridae
ride through the night to
you drifting in and out of
connection with the
Created by Grahame

Based off my myspace:
Haiku2 for switch_chimaeridae
moody you always
crave comfort are a grounded
person but you
Created by Grahame

Mood weirdness and cabin fever. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house this weekend. Must find a new futon frame, preferably under $50, as the old one has a cracked timber along the spine.

I find myself wondering whether I should try to find small graphic design projects to do for friends, or friends of friends. I've been spending a lot of time lately puttering around in Adobe Photoshop, tinkering with pics for NWN. I also used to spend a lot of time scouring the web for interesting images, borders, and miscellany to assemble into CD sleeves for myself.

Alright, time to post this before I muck around & lose everything I've entered by picking at my mouse buttons.
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