Storm& (apokryfae) wrote,

What, me remember?

Ok, I promised to post a post-surgery update, and I forgot. For those that want to know what surgery I had, look behind the cut. I had an endometrial ablation done, to attempt to relieve my very painful monthly cycles. With any luck, I may not have to deal with them again. It will take some time before I know whether this was sufficient, or whether I'll require a partial hysterectomy. Thus far, all seems to have gone well; spent the first few days after the surgery looped out on percocet.

As anyone who saw me at obsidiangryphon's party will have figured out, I'm feeling pretty well recovered. My back is still an issue, of course, but it always will be, I suppose. On the topic of the party: my thanks to the wonderful hosts, and to all the friends that I haven't seen in way too long. I had a great time! Thanks also to all the folks that helped find the pill I dropped in the living room. (klutz!)

I danced a little, sang a little, did some belly shots off of some decidedly lovely bellies, sampled several different drinks, and took off my shirt... and hopefully entertained some people in the process of one or more of the above. It was fantastic to see everyone again, and I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous New Year!
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